February Book sale 20 books $20
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

February Book sale 20 books $20 - email me after purchase - your LOs info

Pick the books 20 books $20

February Book sale 20 books $20


February Book sale 20 books $20​ 
What does your LO like to read- pick a one or mix them up.
Science fiction, Satire, Drama, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Self help,True Crime, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Military, History, Fantasy, True Crime, Religion, Bible, Puzzle, Calendar, Dictionary, Spanish, Suspense, Classic, Joke
email me your LOs information and books he/she would like at clbooks@yahoo.com or put in notes after payment
Check out inventory click  HERE and if your LO is looking for something you don't see in my inventroy email me I get books in daily  - or click HERE to see Amazon inventory.  If you want a book from Amaon added to your LOs Special let me know and I will have it sent to them. 
Garfield Special 


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